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Extra-Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are very important specially for Preschool it go beyond the typical curriculum of the school but directly related to the curriculum.


Music at our school is a soul enriching activity. Every pupil is encouraged to play at least one musical instrument or take singing lessons or music appreciation classes. Students are taken to concerts as a learning experience.


A well-equipped Art Room at our school develops confidence of the students and skills in areas such as drawing, painting, pottery, model making and sculpture. School holds art appreciation workshops for the students and staff at regular intervals.


Dancing is the most beautiful of the arts, because it is no mere translation or abstraction from life. We teach various classical and modern dance forms to our students.

Theatre & Drama

Students are exposed to all aspects of theatre, which includes lighting, production, stage design and costumes, through workshops conducted by experts.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking skills has been known to be very effective in developing confidence, self belief, oratory, leadership and quick thinking skills along with eliminating anxiety and shyness. We strive to develop excellent public speaking skills in every student.

Stage Performance

School has a permanent stage, which is being used for daily assembly and various functions in the school. Every student is encouraged to participate in stage activities which help improve confidence and overall personality of the student.

First Aid

Every Student is given working knowledge of first aid with credit being given to those who are found applying their knowledge to daily situations.

Yoga & Meditation

To improve concentration of students, well equipped hall is provided for Yoga and meditation, where students can practice yoga and meditation under the guidance of well trained teachers.
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