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Vision & Mission

Natures School Katni


We empower every child to explore and discover his own self and pursue his interests. Our vision is best substantiated by our core value” My Interest My Way”. Our teachers tell our students where to look but do not tell them what to see. We want every child to become what he actually wants to become and for that we provide extensive facilities and services.


We are a smart school striving for excellence in education be it academic, art, craft or sports education. We wish our students develop into skilful & famed professionals, we provide the backdrop for complete development of the inherent skills of a child so that he can flourish in his pursuits. We also want our students to rule the roost with quick wits and intelligence.


The core objective of our school is to enlarge a child’s world and introduce it to the world beyond academics, we do not compromise over any pillar of quality education, we are equally good at training students in academics, sports, art and craft.

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