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Nature School

Principal's Message

"Give the world the best and the world will gift you the best"

Every generation has its own defining qualities. Some equate success with being famous, other with being rich and some excelling in their own chosen field. No matter how ambitious or modest. Children today show a strong will to toward them. The avenues and opportunities open to young today have multiplied, but so have their drive to succeed. The 21st century generation is changing the face of India. It is upbeat, optimistic and filled with youthful energy.

Our school nurtures your child to develop all the faculties to mould him into a complete human being. This involves physical fitness, mental alertness, intellectual capabilities, emotional balance, aesthetic fulfillment, social responsibility and spiritual awareness.

Our school curriculum is based on the multiple intelligence. Apart from the fostering aptitudes, the school recognizes the needs of each student. We give due importance to the nurturing of logistic skills, numerical abilities, linguistic skills, critical creations,original and divergent thinking in all the student irrespective of their talents.

During the long stay at our school each of the above aptitudes are strengthened in the from of practical lessons in the respective field of study, like communication skills, elocution, debate, moral, and ethical educations, time management, goal setting and own the responsibility to arm them with appropriate confidence to participate.

we dream to create a better future for a better future for better world, a necessary and vital prerequisite for quality education that is relevant and equitable.

little steps of Nature’s School
Founded on 5th april 2000 by mrs. K. Rani rao to natures kindergarten prodigies. The main motto was to give the world the best. It was started with a missionary zeal, to enhance and fulfill the requirement. The school believes not only in 3h but also 3r. After going through a deep study we felt that the need is to increase the school gradually up to higher classes. Our school not only imparts basic education but also fulfill the need is to increase the school gradually up to higher classes. Our school not only imparts basic education but also fulfill the need in the field of art, dance,music etc. Keeping in view to cater the need of society, “kundanam charitable society “was formed with a team of 12 members believing in quality work and not compromising at any end. This society decided to increase every year one class. The brainchild behind his organization mr. K shankar rao with its executive members felt the need of the hours. We enter to learn and learn to live and live to serve became the motto of this society. Thanks to mr. K. Shankar rao, mr g. Nageshwar rao and smt. Varalakshmi and other members who imparted most valuable advice from time to time and took the little steps to make our dream come true. There is no bench marking in one life to achieve successes our students are assisted to grow morally, intellectually, physically and socially for forming in them habits of basic virtues like honesty, dedication ,and hard work, excellence in both academic and non academic activities followed by value education.

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